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By Kiki class 1B



Finally, it is Halloween! On Halloween people put on costumes and they go trick or treat. It is a scary day, where almost everyone is trying to make each other afraid.
2014 10 class 1B with Jack-o-Lantern



On Tuesday  (October 28) we had an English lesson with the Halloween theme. We hollowed out a pumpkin and cut a face in it. We also got a worksheet on Halloween. We had to write down in English what we are most scared of.  And to draw a pumpkin and other things.



2014 10 carving pumpkins2



At the end of de lesson we made a group photo with the pumpkin. I thought it was a nice lesson. And we learned a lot. It was a nice idea of our teacher Anna. And I hope we do it more.



2014 10 halloween activity



Happy Halloween!!


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